Digital Engineering

We offer digital engineering services as part of project controls for mining projects. We combine sophisticated software and processes with project data to bring you 4D scheduling and 5D cost management reporting.

We recognise the challenges that mining projects face when attempting to use frameworks better suited to other industries, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM).

By using Mining Information Modelling (MIM), we provide a fit-for-purpose solution for our clients to accurately access the status of project delivery.

The term MIM was founded by Allied Projects to differentiate from the process of BIM.

MIM uses data to develop coding structures that create a link between the estimate, schedule, cost, procurement and contracts of a project. This enables project teams to quickly access granular data about different components of a project at the click of a button. Having this access allows project teams to have full overview of every layer of the project to accurately deliver the full project scope.

Using our specialist knowledge in estimating, planning, scheduling, cost management, procurement & contracts together with software tools, we provide project controls management frameworks that integrate 3D models and MIM with various project systems.

These frameworks lead us to develop 4D scheduling and 5D cost management reporting systems for our clients so that we can better understand capital cost and status of projects. With these systems, projects can better deliver on budget and on schedule.

Digital engineering deliverables:

  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ) take-offs
  • Itemised details for tendering (procurement & contracts)
  • 4D Planning & Scheduling
  • 5D Cost Management 

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Click the image below to view a video of how we interface 3D models with project control systems