Design Management

Allied Projects offers a wide scope of Engineering Design services including in-house Civil, Structural and Environmental designs along with coordinating Architectural, Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical and Process design teams. Our core areas of expertise are detailed further in the following section.

Allied Projects have extensive experience across a wide range of Engineering Design management services including Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Acoustics, Environmental, Hydraulic, Geotech, Surveying and Fire Safety.


Our approach to design management is one of engagement with the design team coordinating all interactions and interfaces within the team necessary for successful delivery of projects.

This includes managing all aspects of:

  • engineering documentation, specification and drawing management
  • engineering design reviews
  • HAZOP, HAZID studies
  • liaising with regulatory bodies and local authorities
  • obtaining permits, clearances, permissions as required
  • technical evaluations of equipment supplier bids
  • vendor data management
  • coordinating the Technical Query (TQ) process
  • establishing quality assurance programmes
  • implementing testing regimes including Inspection & Testing Plans (ITP’s)
  • managing design change control
  • facilitating value for money, engineering value and risk workshops


Working alongside our clients either independently or as an extension of the in-house engineering team we provide engineering management oversight across the Infrastructure, Transport, Mining and Oil & Gas industries.